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Bakeries, Pizzas, Pie Production, Sausage Rolls, Pasties, etc.


Machine wash-downs by jet wash, steam hose and caustic solutions cause water & fat ingress, heavy corrosion of the motor casing and contamination of the feedback device. The motor OEM sealing for this kind of environment has often been under-specified.



Paper, Cardboard or Stiff Materials Processing


Dust gathers around the oil seal and erodes the drive end shaft. The motor shaft is frequently placed under extreme accelerative torque. The bearings, bearing housings concentricity, shaft journal integrity, trueness of the shaft and the keyway tightness are often compromised.



Metals Machining Plants


Oil, coolant and/or anti-weld fluid ingress into motor windings. Oil seal wear in drive end of motor shaft. Similar mechanical damage to paper industry motors. Fluid-borne contamination of the feedback devices (metal machining servomotors often have additional feedback devices for the parent machine's use).



Bottling and Glass Production


Very similar to the metals machining plants. Bad mechanical damage and fluid ingress.

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